Cool Day Trips: Coco-Key Indoor Water Resort in Waterbury, CT

Looking for the perfect place to play all year round, where it is 84 degrees no matter what season it is outside? Coco-Key Indoor Water Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Waterbury, CT is the answer and it’s about 2 hours from Long Island.  There are many areas for you and your children to splash around in, but look out because every 5 minutes the huge bucket at the top on the splash park will spill gallons of water on you! In this 55,000 square feet of indoor water park, there is a toddler splash area, a lazy river, a 3 foot pool and basketball area, a jungle gym with age appropriate water slides, a water traverse with floating foot pads, 1 enclosed body slide and 2 tube enclosed slides. 
A group of 13 of us made the trek from Long Island to Waterbury, CT for a day of splashing fun. There were 4 adults and children ages 4 ½ to 11. We arrived when the water park opened and did not leave until 7pm.  All of our children were comfortable enough and able to roam around all the areas with ease. Lifeguards were on duty in all areas to ensure safety. Life jackets for younger children are available to take and return if and when needed. There was a first aid station, which we visited for some ice since my son got accidentally elbowed in his eye while in the pool. The bathrooms were big, had shower stalls and changing stations, but the toilet areas did get a little messy and slippery since patrons are wet when entering stalls. There is a separate family bathroom that is larger to change diapers in if needed. TIP: Wear shoes in the bathrooms!

A concession stand was available with Pizza Hut express, as well as burgers, slushy drinks and ice cream available for purchase. For adults, the bar opened at 4pm for alcoholic beverages.

Lockers are available along the wall inside the water park. Coins are used to release the key and lock belongings. We did not use these; we kept our bags on the chairs and tables to save them for the day and there were no issues or fears for our belongings.

All the enclosed tubes extend outside the building and loop back inside. There was a height requirement for the body slide of 42 inches and the 2 enclosed tube slides of 48 inches. The Shark Slam, which is body slide, was 2 stories high. It was a bit dark in this tube as you twist and turn while sitting or laying on your back, but my 5 year old was able to handle it.   The 2 enclosed tube slides were 4 stories high. There is only one rider per tube (which you carry up four flights of steps to the entrance of the slides).

The Pelican Plunge slide was fun because the enclosed tube was lighter and you could see the path you are traveling as you twist and turn on your tube and splash into a pool.

The Barracuda Blast slide was completely dark and scary.
You enter darkness and do not know when this slide will end until you are at the bottom entering the pool – I was frightened while on this tube slide, but for you thrill seekers, it is a blast!

Toddler Area: The toddler area had bucket-like seats on bungee cords for bouncing and splashing with a bench for you to sit on while monitoring your children. The water level is only 6 inches high in this area. Strollers are allowed on the deck, by the table areas. If you’ve got a child in diapers, they’ve got to wear swim diapers.

If you want some time to play away from the water, there is an arcade located upstairs and is accessible from the water park. The “Key Quest Arcade” is filled with state-of-the-art video and old-fashioned interactive games that the whole family will enjoy. There is also a ticket redemption area for you to turn in tickets for prizes.

Day passes are available to book online and there are coupons available for additional savings when you sign up your email address. TIP: Day visitors should bring their own towels.
Full day pass: Monday-Thursdays $19/person; Full day pass: Friday-Sunday and holidays $29/person
Tuesdays: $19 per person from 4pm-9pm or Wednesdays: $10 per person from 4pm-9pm
If you want to play and stay at the CoCo-Key Water Resort Hotel & Convention, room rates will include water park passes. The hotel and water park are connected. Hotel guests will be given towels to use in the water park. Hours of operation: 10am-9pm but are subject to change so call or check website for current daily hours.

Check the website for more information.

There are other Coco-Key indoor water park locations around the country, but next closest location to Long Island is in the Hotel ML in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

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