Awesome Birthday Party Ideas: Nathan’s Arcade Party in Westbury

If your child likes video games and you like an affordable birthday party out of your house, then a Nathan’s Arcade Birthday Party will satisfy your child’s request for a fun party and won’t break your bank account.

Your party package includes 1 attendant to handle everything and the party lasts an hour and a half. When your guests come, they enter a separate, pre-decorated party room..  Along with unlimited drinks, kids get their choice of 6 meals that all include the famous French Fries from Nathan’s. Carvel soft ice cream cups (choice of vanilla or chocolate) are served as dessert – or you may get a 10% discount on any Carvel cake. Each child orders his/her meal and eats first before entering the arcade. After about 45 minutes in the arcade, guests return to the party room for dessert.

Party package #1: $14.95 per child offers the following:  the birthday child gets 200 bonus prize tickets and 20 game tokens and each guest gets 100 bonus prize tickets and 20 tokens.

Party package #2:  $17.95 per child offers the following: the birthday child gets 400 bonus prize tickets and 40 game tokens and each guest gets 200 bonus prize tickets and 40 tokens.

Parties are suitable for ages 4 and up. Balloons and hats are included in both packages. $25 cash deposit due at booking, balance can be paid by cash or credit card on the day of the party.  There is a minimum of 10 children for either party package. We chose package # 1 with 16 kids and the grand total was just under $300 – which is cheap for that number of kids. I prepared my own goodie bag and still the total was under $350.

Kids are thrilled with putting the tokens in the variety of arcade machines and winning tickets. I remember going to this same location in Westbury, NY on Old Country Road as a kid – when video games were not as accessible as they are today.  Still, when I bring my children (in this case for a birthday party or) just for a few hours of indoor fun, the thrill and joy has not changed. From dancing games and guitar hero, to boxing games and shooting games, to taking your chance to win the big ticket pay out or just playing some skee-ball – Nathan’s continues to offer this unforgettably, fun experience.

Nathan’s Famous Restaurant
1530 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590

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