Rainbow JELL-O Recipe

By Nico Harrington

As a mom I am always looking for sugar free alternatives to serve at celebrations since there always seems to be an abundance of desserts on the table! JELL-O is a perfect option because not only does it give you a choice between regular and sugar-free, but the fun assorted colors and hands-on shape “jigglers” make this treat a hit with the kids! Making “Rainbow JELL-O” is a fat-free and sugar-free dessert so it’s perfect for anyone, especially if you have someone with diabetes in the family. A color theme can be created to suit any occasion as Jell-o comes in just about every color!  While the finished product tastes like candy, nothing is left sticking to the teeth and the sugar-free version makes this one happy momma.

Rainbow JELL-O

4 -(3oz) Box of Flavored Gelatine Mix (Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime)
6 Pkgs of UNFLAVORED Gelatine (“Knox” brand will work).
14oz. Condensed Milk (I get sweetened)

Mix lime first with one package of unflavored gelatin with 1-cup hot water, stir, dissolve and pour in a 9×11 glass pan. Refrigerate for 15-25 minutes.

Milk Mixture:
1.) Mix 2-packages of unflavored gelatin with ¼ cup cold water, stir. Then add ¾ cup hot water. Stir and dissolve.
2.) In another bowl, pour condensed milk with 1-cup hot water. Stir well, then combine unflavored gelatin and milk mixture together. (Make sure bowl is large enough). Stir well, then divide equally into 3-parts. Milk mixture should go between flavored mixture and refrigerate for 20-minutes.

Layers should be:
Strawberry #7 (Top)
Milk #6
Orange #5
Milk #4
Lemon #3
Milk #2
Lime #1 (Bottom)
***Note*** make sure the layers are completely cooled before pouring next layer or you will have scrambled JELL-O!

*Note: Sweetened condensed milk is used for crème layers and does contain some sugar.  However I love what it adds to this recipe as no whipped cream or cool whip is necessary!
You can add more layers of color (I have done 5 colors by adding blue and/or purple). However, unless you get a larger pan to make layers thinner, more layers = trickier to cut. I have found that my Pampered Chef cookie sheet worked well for making thinner layered “jigglers” and I use the smallest size round biscuit cutter (also from Pampered Chef)for making the thick 9-layered jigglers. Cut into perfect circles and place in small liner cups to display on a pretty platter!

I have improvised over the years using different molds, cutters, colors, (and have spiked these for adult theme parties using vanilla bean vodka). Always a hit.

If you choose to cut it up like I did… let me give you a hint because I had a heck of a time in the beginning first learning to make this….

Lightly coat the glass pan (or mold of your choice), cookie sheet, etc, with a cooking spray.

Wipe lightly to ensure your mold is coated .I use a Pyrex lasagna pan…When it’s completely chilled, I then flip it over and onto a clean cookie sheet, gently pry the edges with my finger tips and it flops clean out onto the cookie sheet. If using a cookie sheet, you can simply line a clean surface with wax paper to do you cut-outs. Just flip it over and gently pry the same way. I use different shapes to cut out the JELL-O.


Here I used a Tupperware mold for the center, a cookie sheet for the red, while and blue stars, and a brownie pan for the thicker purple stars! The kids love it, even the scraps! Enjoy!

Thank you to guest contributor, Nico Harrington for sharing her Amazing Rainbow JELL-O recipe and her patriotic presentation.

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