PSI Bands Giveaway: Banish Nausea, Without Drugs

Looking to travel? Newly pregnant? If you suffer from nausea we’ve got a drug free way to help you feel better.  Psi Bands, pronounced (sigh), offer acupressure relief to anyone suffering from nausea related to motion sickness, chemotherapy, anesthesia, or pregnancy.  Cleared by the FDA, this unique band (that’s actually pretty stylish) applies pressure to specific pulse points on your wrists. Psi Bands are different than the other acupressure bands as they can be worn all the time. The soft, durable, yet comfortable plastic allows them to get wet but dry quickly, unlike other bands (that will be very soggy when you wash your hands!).  Psi Bands are adjustable – just turn the small dial to increase or decrease the pressure.  Psi Bands can be purchased at most drugstores and are now readily available at CVS and Rite Aid  stores throughout Long Island.

Want to win it? Five lucky winners will win a set of Psi Bands.

To Enter our Giveaway:

Leave a comment under this post about how using Psi Bands would benefit you.

For Bonus Entries

1) Friend us on facebook — if you haven’t already (1 extra entry).
2) Tweet about our giveaway (sample tweet: I want to win the @psi bands from from @L_I_Mamas on  – (1 extra entry)

This giveaway closes on Friday, July 15,  at Midnight.

You must be a Long Island or NYC resident to win. Thank you to Psi Bands for providing Psi Bands to 5 Lucky Winners.

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4 thoughts on “PSI Bands Giveaway: Banish Nausea, Without Drugs

  1. Mitzi Robles

    My husband and I are flying to Texas.Our little girl will get to see her uncle who is in the military. He is headed off to Afghanistan. With these little bracelets it would help my husband and I feel better in the flight. Thank you.

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