Once Upon a Treetop in Plainview

Nestled in an industrial area in Plainview, just a few blocks from major roadways, is Once Upon a Treetop. This fun place offers kids classes, a store filled with educational toys, and the piece de’ resistance —  a HUGE, fun play area, which we sampled recently. Kids will have a ball running around the little town setup. Set up like a little town, with around 9 different play areas, and a large climbing area in the back — and yes, there is a little treehouse that kids can hang out in – hence the name!

When you walk in, the first section on the left is a soft play area – with a small play house and plenty of soft blocks to climb around on. Next to that is a kitchy 50’s style Diner called “Betty’s”, complete with a counter, play appliances, food and dishes. My 3 1/2 year old daughter went crazy over Betty’s and had fun with the play food and she tried to make off with the menu. Next was my 5 1/2 year old’s favorite area, the Fire House, with a big wooden firetruck that kids can sit in, loads of fireman hats and coats to try on, toy firetrucks and a great mural of a burning building. He ended up going back to this room many times. Next is a costume area, where kids can indulge their imagination and dress up as almost anything you can image. If your child is in a major princess stage, this will be her favorite area. Right next door to the costume area is the Train Depot and all the little boys and (and a girl or two) were happily playing on the big train table.

On the other side is a grocery store, a little schoolroom, the “Potato Factory” – room devoted to Mr. Potatohead, another area with loads of large soft blocks and structures and a little garage. I was happy to see that kids from baby to 8 years old were having a blast and happily playing.

No shoes or strollers are allowed, so leave them in the area right in front of the play area. There’s 3 vending machines there –  with ice cream bars, beverages and snacks. As a mom, I was happy to see there were healthier choices, such as pretzels and granola bars. Food isn’t allowed in the play area, so seat your kids here (or in the two little lunch/party rooms – if they are empty) to have their lunch or snack. Once Upon a Treetop gets very busy when school is out and they will make you wait if the play area is full, so get there early!



The staff was really terrific — in the play area, the staff (there were college kids there when we were visiting) really interacted with the kids and were great about assisting and encouraging littler ones to get around in the big climbing area.

Once Upon A Treetop
151 Dupont Street
Plainview, NY 11803-1607
(516) 349-1140

Open everyday from 9am to 5pm – We recommend you call for times (or check their special event calender before you go) – Camps and schools  schedule play sessions.

$12.00 per walker
$6.00 per crawler  – Adults and infants are FREE!


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