Awesome L.I. Birthday Party Ideas: A Fencing Birthday Party

Is your child fascinated with Zorro or swashbuckling pirates? If you are looking for a different birthday party idea for your child – a party at Island Fencing Academy in Plainview, might just fit the bill.  Parties are suitable for ages 5-12, but ages 8 and up will work better.  Having an even number of children such as 10, is a perfect size for this active party (There’s a suggested minimum of 10 and maximum of 16 children).  Kids should wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.

The one hour party consists of instruction and dueling. Participants will practice skills such as timing, judging distance, speed, footwork and reaction in the warm-up games without the use of equipment (so your child isn’t going to be just handed a sword and told to fence).   The instructor pairs children up and has them face one another while holding a fencing helmet between them. The pair must balance the helmet and react to each other’s movements.  Then they’ll receive a crash-course in fencing. The hard plastic foil-like swords, helmets and cloth, bib-like chest protectors are then given out and the children learn the proper movements for attack and defense alone and against an opponent. 10-15 minutes of dueling will occur with one pair at a time performing on their own designated playing area and the first to obtain 3 points wins.

The party room is available for 30 minutes after fencing during which time you can serve pizza, cake or whatever refreshments you decide to bring. IFA does not provide food or beverages for parties.  Price is based on $30 per participant.

To reserve a day and time, please call 516-576-0646 for more information or visit the website at Please note that IFA cannot reserve times prior to receiving a $100 deposit.

Island Fencing Academy
101-32 Dupont Street
Plainview, NY 11803

by Julie Terrone, Guest Contributor

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