Ask Dr. G – Toddler Eating, Sleeping, and Potty Training

We are happy to welcome Dr. Deborah Gilboa to our network of awesome mamas. She is a board certified Family Physician and a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, oh and she also gives the best parenting advice I have ever heard. She is a mom to FOUR boys, a doctor, and a super cool chick who will answer all of your parenting problems and issues right here for free!  If you have a question please call 888-9-ASK-DR-G or email any time you like.

Toddlers….oh precious toddlers. They are so cute yet give us such a headache that it seems like it will never end. Here Dr. G answers some tough questions from mamas like you about potty training, picky eating, and sleep. Check out the advice below.


The Bedtime Battle


The Picky Eater


The Potty Trainer

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