Outdoor Concerts: International Music Nights at Eisenhower Park

Courtesy N. Chan Photography

International Music Nights concert series will be held at Eisenhower Park’s Lakeside Theatre this summer, but things have changed.  The concerts, which have usually run throughout the summer, will be going on only in June. This year’s free concert series will feature concerts at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre, starting at 7 p.m.

As per the Eisenhower Park website, here are the dates and cultural night information below.

  • Tuesday, June 14 Korean American Night
  • Thursday, June 16 Balkan American Night
  • Friday, June 17 African American Night
  • Saturday, June 18 Caribbean American Night
  • Sunday, June 19 Indian American Night
  • Monday, June 20 Irish American Night
  • Tuesday, June 21 Scandinavian American Night
  • Thursday, June 23 Armenian American Night
  • Friday, June 24 Turkish American Night
  • Saturday, June 25 Italian American Night
  • Monday, June 27 German American Night
  • Wednesday, June 29 Israeli American Night
  • Thursday, June 30 Ukrainian American Night

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