Music Together Classes by While They’re Little

In the sea of mommy and me classes, there is one that stands out. Music Together encourages parents and children to embrace music, rhythms, and instruments in each class and at home, based on the idea that children are naturally musical and rhythmic. It won’t take long before your kids are singing, dancing, and playing along with the music after attending Music Together classes — offered on Long Island by While They’re Little, Inc. They offer Music Together classes at five different locations on Long Island, including Great Neck, New Hyde Park, and Long Beach.

The main participants in these classes are actually not the children. The parents and caregivers are really the stars of the show. You’ll definitely have to check your ego at the door, as you are required to sing, dance, and play just as the kids do, regardless of what you may perceive your musicality to be. They even give you materials to take home in order to continue the experience by making music together. There is a method behind this madness. Music Together recognizes that parents and caregivers are the primary role models for the children, and if they see you doing the singing and dancing, they will be more inclined to do it as well. You will experience this first hand after the first class, as your little sponge will probably still be singing the songs they learned in class well after the class has ended.  And that’s a good thing. You’ll see a difference in your child as the semester progresses. It’s also a great way to help kids get over any shyness they may have around other kids.

Each class consists of up to twelve kids of mixed ages. Children are absorbing the music and rhythms at all ages in their own way, and the informal structure of the class accommodates each child at their individual level. Classes last between 45 – 60 minutes. While They’re Little offers Music Together classes at five different locations on Long Island, including Great Neck, New Hyde Park, and Long Beach.

Tuition for the summer semester is $190 for the first registered child in a family, and $155 for additional siblings over six months old. The summer semester lasts for seven weeks, and starts on July 7th. Tuition also includes a music book with the same songs sung in class, as well as a CD.

For more information on Music Together, While They’re Little, or to find a class near you, visit the While They’re Little, Inc’s website.

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