Movie Review: Cars 2

Revv up your engines, Cars 2 opens tomorrow!! Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally are back with some new characters to race straight to your heart! We got a sneak peek and loved it!

Lightning McQueen and Mater travel to Japan, Italy and England to compete in the first World Grand Prix. During this, Mater gets mistaken for a secret agent and lots of hilarity ensues (because Mater is Mater).  He ends up helping with a top secret spy mission — when he should be helping Lightning McQueen in the World Grand Prix. New characters including Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine), Francesco Bernoulli (voiced by John Turturro), and Holley Shiftwell (voiced by Emily Mortimer). We didn’t want to spoil the plot, but we wanted to let you know the scary parts–click here to get the deets.

We can heartily recommend Cars 2, but suggest you tell your child that there will be action and lots of car chases – and that this is not realn! Here at Long Island Mamas,  we just wanted to let you know as many details as possible, so you can decide if Cars 2 is right for your family.

Thank you to Disney for providing tickets to an advance screening of Cars 2. As always, all opinions are my own.




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