Long Island Pirate’s Festival and Classic Boat Show

Ahoy! Attending Long Island’s Pirate Festival is a local tradition.  Who doesn’t love to walk around in a costume all day, learn about the swashbuckler’s ways, speaking in a language very few understand? AYE! That’s what we thought!
Children and adults alike were dressed in their finest pirate costumes to to enjoy the folklore of pirate history told through skits, story boards, replicas and music.  Canons roared, swords and cutlasses clanged and many an ARRR! filled the fields of this year’s festival host, the LI Maritime Museum. The LI Martime Museum sits on the Great South Bay and provided a most authentic backdrop for such a festival.

Ye Pyrate Brotherhood and Kings of the Coast pirate troupe performed skits that included, booming canons, rogue pirates and their stolen buried treasure, one eyed parrots, boisterous singing, and dancing as well as a sword fight that ended with some scalliwags walking the plank. Children were encouraged to help bring the buried treasure ashore and were awarded some Booty for their efforts.
Face painting, trinkets and chow were all available as pirate themed jokes were shared and music blared. A game of musical chairs as well as the “best costume” contest were highlights for the lads. Everyone loved dancing to live music performed by the famous pirates of The Brigands.

The LI Pirate Festival and Boat Show is just large enough to provide a variety of things to do, but small enough that if you shout, “Yo,  ho, ho”, you’ll be surrounded by pirates ready to get you in shipshape for such an adventure.

Pirate Festivals have increased in popularity and while you’ll have to wait to next year for a Long Island Festival, click here for Pirate festivals, both near and far.

By Michelle K. Spreckels

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