The Original Mommy and Me Classes

If you are looking for a Mommy and Me class, and aren’t sure which one to join, then The Original Mommy and Me class is totally the way to go. This place has the “mommy and me” idea down pat. With so many different classes to choose from there is definitely something for everyone.

Mommy and Me is a wonderful introduction to a preschool atmosphere with the comfort of mommy, daddy, or caretaker present. Mommy and Me offers an environment that will enhance early learning, build socialization skills, and increase confidence and independence.

With three different locations, The Original Mommy and Me has three locations: Holtsville, Lake Grove and Rocky Point. The play rooms are FILLED with toys and games to engage your child. When you walk in you are
immediately at ease, and your child will instantly want to be a part of all the program has to offer.

The Baby Playgroup is for babies ages 5 months to independent walker (12-14 months). The class is a bonding experience for mother and child. The emphasis is on stimulating the senses through music. A half hour of free
play and socialization followed by music, snack time, bubbles, parachute, and specialized baby activities. An hour and a half class may seem daunting, but there is so much going on at all times that your
child will have no time to get bored.

The Toddler Class is for independent walkers to 2 years of age. The class has the same basic components of the baby playgroup, but this class adds Felt Board, Calendar Time, Movement to Music time, as well as Arts and Craft time! All activities are meant to encourage your child to learn.

The next step is a class for 2 to 3 1/2 year olds. These classes are similar to the toddler classes but involve more advanced activities. Songs and dances involve following simple directions that encourages language. Children develop self confidence as they learn to make friends and relate to the teacher.

Finally, there is a Separation class. This class involves more advanced activities and emphasis on letter, color, and number
recognition. The parents have the option of leaving for a period of time, when the child is ready. It is a fine way to bridge the gap for the eventual leap into preschool.

For more information, please go to The Original Mommy and Me.

by Jen Rogdakis

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