7 Ways to be a Long Island Beachy Green Mama

We are always looking for ways to carve out a greener life for our children.  With summer here, we’ll be spending lots of time at Long Island’s many spectacular beaches.  Read on to find out how you can be more “beachy green”.

1. Switch your sunscreen.  Chances are your sunscreen is doing more harm than good.  Some sunscreens are filled with chemicals such as parabens and oxybenzone which seep into the skin (baby’s skin is very thin and absorbent!) and have been linked to cancer and contact eczema. Make the switch to a mineral based sunscreen.  Ones that we can recommend with confidence include: Earth’s Best Organics Sunscreen or Jason Kids Natural Sunblock SPF 45. Both sunscreens are made without harmful parabens and go on smoothly.  Even my 3 year old can rub the sunblock gently until the “white” disappears.  Check out this link from the EWG (Enviromental Working Group) and get the results from their latest sunscreen test (though the  EWG says that the best products for sun protection are a hat and a shirt.)

2. Buy a non- disposable swim diaper - Looking to save some money and the environment?  Even if you are new to non-disposable diapers, they are easy to care for, and reliable, in addition to  saving $$ and keep unnecessary diapers out of the landfill.  We checked out several and one favorite is made by Iplay, but others are available in most baby stores.

3. Pack Greener- Packing fresh, organic local produce is a sure way to be more green.  Not only will you be supporting local farmers, but you’ll be providing your children with safer, healthier and tastier treats.  Check here for your local LI farmer’s market.  Taking along water instead of juice boxes, or soda is not only a more refreshing choice, it will cut down the amount of high fructose corn syrup your child consumes.

4. Use reusable lunch totes/sandwich bags – Be wary of anything made of plastic.  We found these Lunchskins reusable sandwich/snack bags online and love them.  Worth it to have a few less plastic bags floating around? You bet!

5.  Get a reusable water bottle – Whether it be a stainless steel container like the ones made from SIGG or a glass bottle , reusable water bottles are safer for you and our environment.   Need more encouragement? Take a look here !

6. Buy less! – Need some toys for your beach excursion? Why not head to the recycling bin where plenty of plastic containers can be found. Using household items challenges your children to think creatively, reduces waste (consider the packaging alone!), and reuses items that are already on hand…and it’s cheaper!

1.  Lessen Litter - If it came with you, take it home with you! If recycling bins are not available, take recyclables home with you.   Take along a reusable tote and help pick up any garbage/recyclables you come across.  This helps keep our beaches beautiful, sealife safe, and reinforces to our children that we live what we teach.

So, how do you plan on being Beachy Green? Please share your tips!


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