Visiting Sagamore Hill

Long Island is immersed in history, on both local and national levels. There are many places you can visit with your family, and one such place is Sagamore Hill, a national historic site and considered the “summer White House” of our country’s 26th President.

Theodore Roosevelt, the only US President from New York City so far, built and lived in Sagamore Hill until his death in 1919. The house looks almost exactly as it did in 1910. A visit here is a great way to introduce your kids to history, by letting them walk in the same steps as Roosevelt did over one hundred years ago. Even smaller children will be fascinated by how different things are, and they can compare how things are actually similar to their own home.

Another place to visit on the grounds is the Old Orchard House. Roosevelt’s oldest son lived there with his family. Now, the house serves as a museum dedicated to Roosevelt’s public life, and you and your family can see movies about him there.

If that’s not enough to see in one day, you can take a walk down the nature trail on site, which is actually a federally protected wildlife refuge. Your family can walk down the same path Roosevelt and his family used when they wanted to have picnics or go camping.

In order to visit Sagamore Hill, you will have to take a guided tour. The tours run on the hour, starting at 10:00am, and the last tour is at 4:00pm. You can peruse the Old Orchard House at your own pace, though, since there aren’t any tours there.

Admission to Sagamore Hill is $5 for adults and kids 15 and under are free. There are a number of days during the year where the admission fee is waived, including National Park Week, Veterans Day, and the first day of summer.

Sagamore Hill is located in Oyster Bay, at 12 Sagamore Hill Road. For more information on the site, including directions, visit the National Park Service website.

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