Traveling By Air This Summer? Check your Large (or Double) Stroller at Check-in!

According to a Associated Press story, American Airlines will now require that strollers over 20 lbs or that don’t fold up must be checked at the ticket counter. Which means if you have one or more kids that need to ride, you’ll have to tote them around around the airport before your flight. If you have one child who is a rider and older kids, this may not be a problem. But if you are flying solo with twins or with a baby (and a toddler that’s a runner), you may be in trouble.

Tim Smith of American Airlines said “Some of the new, large strollers were difficult for gate agents to handle at the last minute during boarding. He said it’s easier and quicker to send big items through the regular baggage process.” Umbrella type, smaller strollers will still be allowed. American Airlines said that there will be no baggage fee for strollers, no matter how big or small.
The changes start June 1, 2011.

United has a similar ban on gate-checking large strollers. Continental, Delta and Jet Blue will let you check any size stroller at the gate.

Lighter Double Strollers (that are still too heavy for gate- checking)

Maclaren’s Twin Techno is 26.9 lbs.
Maclaren’s lighter twin stroller, the Twin Triumph weighs in at 24 lbs.
BOB’s Duallie Double Stroller is 34 lbs.
Bugaboo’s Donkey in twin mode is 33 lbs.

Thank you to the Associated Press

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