Parents Guide To Seeing a Movie…with Your Baby

As a new parent, nights (or days) out are hard to come by — so why not take your baby with you?  National Amusement’s Broadway Mall in Hicksville Theaters and Island 16 Cinema De Lux offers Baby Pictures, which has dim lighting, lowered movie volume for babies’ sensitive hearing; baby changing stations and stroller area. But if you aren’t near any of those theaters, here’s some seasoned advice for taking your baby to the movies.

Hit the First Matinee

If you can’t find a baby-friendly showing and still want to catch a flick, we recommend going at a less crowded time – perhaps the first matinee of the day (and skip ultra-violent action movies because of the sheer noise). Also, you may want to sit next to the aisle or in the back part of the theater.


Try to time it so your baby can nurse in the theater. If you are as nursing pillow-addicted as I am and don’t want to tote your huge nursing pillow to the theater, Warm Milk’s Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag ($90) can turn into a nursing pillow. The bag attaches around your waist – you open a flap and nurse baby on the detachable pillow. Since the theater is going to be pretty dark, you can leave the nursing cover at home (if you use one).

Bring the Binky

As well as some soft (and not crinkly) toys for your baby to hold.

Stash the Stroller at the Back of the Theater

Keep your stroller out of people’s way in the back corner of the theater (or bring a baby carrier). It’s good to have an option,  in case you need to roll baby around to keep him quiet.

When to Leave

Unfortunately if your baby starts crying, you’ve got to respect the other theater goers and either get them calm immediately or leave. Hopefully you’ll get to sit through the whole thing first!


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